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Ending Bullying - September Color Club!

Our first Color Club of the year focused on the theme of bullying; how it shows itself, how we perceive it, and what we can do about it. Students engaged with each other through activities and discussion to shed some more light on this topic that affects too many people in the world daily.

Knowing each other - students shared some time together to get to know one another and discuss how bullying comes often from comparison and assumptions. When you know someone, you spend less time thinking about how your differences separate you and more on finding common ground and appreciating their differences. Students also discussed why God didn’t make us all the same!

What to do - Students split into age groups (5th-8th and 1st-4th) to discuss how bullying can show up in their own lives and they might not have noticed it before. They discussed ways in which it can be noticed and dealt with before it becomes a really big problem. Older students learned about the dangers of cyber-bullying and what to do if they see it happening, and younger students read the book Each Kindness and brainstormed ways to combat bullying at school.

Making a promise - all students signed a pledge to end bullying, then made themselves bookmark sized reminders using phrases like “bully free zone” and “I will do what’s right” to remind themselves of their pledge. Our whole school pledge is now hanging on the wall in the hallway downstairs, come and take a look!

Acting on it - After learning about what bullying looks like, why it’s something that needs to be addressed, how to address it, and making promises, students participated in a gym activity (a place where a lot of bullying in the U.S. occurs) and practiced living out their promise by being good teammates and encouraging other students rather than excluding anyone.

Bullying is prevalent worldwide, but especially in schools. We hope this Color Club could serve as a catalyst to grow our students’ ability to see problems and make changes in their own lives or the lives of others, and that they can take that with them far being CWSCS.


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