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Ready, Set, Grow!

Our school theme this year is “Ready, Set, Grow!” Every new school year is a new opportunity to learn and grow in many ways. Whether it’s growing in our academics, growing in our creativity, growing in our social abilities, or growing in our spirituality, we continuously have the coaching and encouragement from God. He works through our students and staff to make Chicago West Side Christian a place of constant growth! Here’s a few ways we’ve been growing already!

In PK: Preschool has a very young class this year. We are adapting to our school schedule. We are making great progress in following school rules and making transitions throughout the day. - Mrs. Powell

In Kindergarten: Kindergarten is beginning to sprout good readers. We have been working on our sight words and have started to read books independently. - Mrs. Fleetwood

In 2nd Grade: learning place value concepts in math, states of matter in science, main idea/details in an informational text, characters/setting in a short story, writing personal narratives and procedural texts, and how to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry! - Ms. Dryden

In 3rd Grade: 3rd grade is beginning to really form a cohesive group and building a strong classroom community and identity. - Mr. Johnson

In 5th Grade: We are growing in every aspect! 5th graders are becoming great mathematicians and scientists as we learn and discover many new things. I am extremely excited to see them grow in many more areas! - Ms. Brown

In 7th Grade: 7th grade is learning how to work together and work as a team. - Ms. Iammarino

In Art: It’s been so fun to see students growing in their confidence in their art abilities. They’re realizing they have a lot they can put into the world through this type of expression, and aren’t afraid to go for it and try something new! - Mrs. Guanga

Artwork by Mauriasha, 6th Grade

In Spanish: I have been so encouraged and excited to hear students expressing themselves in Spanish! Just walking down our hallways or peeking in the gym room, the students greet me in Spanish or tell me how they are feeling in Spanish. Muy bien CWSCS estudiantes!! - Mrs. Rivera

In Music: Our students are truly talented. They are singing all kinds of genres and learning how to create and perform their own rhythms. As the year continues I know we are going to see great composers as well as performers. - Ms. Hibler

In Science: 4th Grade is growing in their ability to follow step by step procedures when conducting science experiments. 6th Grade is growing in their ability to use RenWeb science resources for homework. 7th Grade is growing in their ability to conduct science research independently. 8th Grade is growing in their ability to connect their science learning to practical life applications. - Mrs. Trout

We are excited to see continual growth throughout the rest of the year!


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