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Create! Art-Making Event with Bright Promise Fund

On Friday, October 27, our art teacher Mrs. Guanga and seven students from 7th and 8th grade were able to participate in a wonderful friend-raiser event hosted by the Bright Promise Fund! Teams from several Christian schools in the Chicago area were asked to participate in this on-site art making event.

From Mrs. Guanga:

“Each team was asked to come up with an artwork that represented the word community. We met a couple of times to plan the artwork and get our idea together, then Bright Promise Fund supplied our materials and we got to make the art together during the event!

About the artwork: the students came up with the entire project idea. They thought primarily about the concept of community being something that helps to break down borders between people. They wanted to show the metaphorical wall that divides people being broken down by community and the beauty that creates is shown in the flowers of people’s hands and the sunset. We wanted to also show that this community can happen in one neighborhood or all throughout Chicago, which is why we included the buildings with the Chicago neighborhoods inside. We can all be united through community with one another because our world is “Better Together” (The title of our piece!)

I was really proud of the students' creativity - they had so many great ideas, but they were able to really narrow down a concept and follow through with the design and completion of the work. We spent two and a half hours straight working on it during the event, and they had such positive attitudes and great focus. We didn't get it quite finished at the event, so some students even stayed after school a few times to help get it all the way done!”

The artwork the team created will be hung in the CWSCS building. It is two canvases, each 36" x 36"

To learn more about Bright Promise Fund, click here: http://www.brightpromisefund.org/


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