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Some Valentine's Day Love!

At our recent Principals' honor roll pancake breakfast, parents were invited to share why they are celebrating CWSCS students. Here are a few of their comments for you to enjoy!

I'm celebrating because the students ROCK and work hard towards their achievements. The sky is the limit!

What a fun family atmosphere at CWSCS! Students grow to know Jesus, to treat each other with kindness and respect, and they have lots of opportunities to apply what they are learning!

CWSCS students are amazing, talented and loving children of God. Students are more like FAMILY than peers!

The education they are receiving at CWSCS is molding and shaping them to become well rounded Christian leaders--which is priceless!

All the teachers take pride and time in all the efforts they put into the children. Parents can appreciate the support and encouragement. Good job, CWSCS!

My child made the honor roll! He is a great kid who takes pride in his work. I am a proud mother. Thank you, Lord!

I am celebrating a long history of excellence and growth. I'm celebrating a tradition of 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade trips. I'm celebrating 4 children attending over 20 years. I'm celebrating great grades and great friendships. . . I'm celebrating the next generation of kids and future leaders!

I am a proud parent because CWSCS honors students' growth in everything they do so they push even more. I am glad to be a part of CWSCS for 7 years!

CWSCS students are smart, fun-filled, generous, loving, adventurous, kind and some of the BEST kids I am PROUD to know!

These children are our future! Their hard work needs to be recognized and celebrated. They are smart, curious and full of potential!

I am celebrating CWSCS students because I love the values that are being instilled in my child and nephew. To have your child excited about coming to school everyday says a lot about what the school has to offer.

CWSCS students bring a smile to my face EVERYDAY! I leave CWSCS filled with love and wonder!!

They give me hope for a better future for our world.


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