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More E-Learning Excitement!

We hope you enjoy more celebrations of great e-learning this week!

First grader Olivia followed her teacher's recipe to make playdough and then created this display to show her great learning about FRACTIONS!

3rd grader Rubi created this beautiful art work from her nature hunt!

Fifth grader Raven created this handbill to advertise one of the 13 colonies. We think you will like-eth it:)

Middle schoolers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint on Earth by eating more plants and less meat.  We love all living things on Earth, and we're experimenting with ways to be more responsible with God's creation.  Less meat means less greenhouse gases which are responsible for warming the Earth.  Students were given the challenge to create a plant-based meal or dish and many of them submitted creative, award-winning selections.  Here are a few of Mrs. Trout's favorites - she's hoping to be invited over to dinner for some of these creations after the quarantine ends!

Spinach Romaine Kale Apple Eggplant spaghetti Pecan tacos

Craisins Goat Cheese Salad by Makayla by Donavyn

by PJ

CWSCS students are enjoying learning in a new way through e-learning! Here's a glimpse of what they are learning and how they are sharing their learning with their classmates and teachers!

Art work in nature--and yes, those eggs are made of snow:)

It's a virtual book club in fifth grade!

Mercy explained and celebrated!

Earth Day art

Spring Blooming God Waters His Plants Flowers Save Lives

Earth Day Photography Contest Winners

And finally, a seventh grader's video on spring cleaning--you may learn something new!


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