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Color Club

     Color Club is for students in 1st-8th grade and happens about once a month throughout the school year. All students are split into six color clubs of mixed ages. On the afternoon of Color Club, they participate with their color team in various activities centered on a theme. These activities are meant to be educational and fun! We've had Color Club days focusing on the Olympics, Heart Health, Service in the Community, Literacy, Hunger Awareness, and many others. 

     Color Club is a great way for students across grade levels to grow in community with one another while learning.

June 2016 CWSCS - 185
June 2016 CWSCS - 216
June 2016 CWSCS - 206
June 2016 CWSCS - 122
June 2016 CWSCS - 119
June 2016 CWSCS - 071
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