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The Four R's


The school uses the Common Core Standards as a benchmark for students’ achievement. Through curriculum carefully designed to meet and exceed the standards, students are challenged to go beyond basic skills as they learn how to think, analyze, problem solve and communicate. 


Our school is highly relational. We believe that students will learn and grow when they experience a nurturing, safe environment where teachers and other staff members delight in getting to know them as individuals. We also seek strong relationships with parents and caregivers. We work together to provide circles of support for each child.


Students develop an understanding that learning is important and related to their day to day lives. They build on connections through their learning and apply previous knowledge to new situations.


Our staff regularly reflects on our school culture, curriculum, and students’ growth to ensure that we are effectively meeting the needs and developing the potential of students. We encourage student reflection as well through quarterly goal setting conferences with their teachers and parents.

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