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CWSCS Builds Community & Teamwork

We have unique ways to support learning and growing for our students, inside and outside the classroom. Check out the descriptions, photos, and video of our unique offerings below.

Eagles & Eggs

Eagles and Eggs is our schoolwide mentorship opportunity.  Students in grades 4-8 (Eagles) are paired with a younger student in grades PK-3 (Eggs).  It is  intentional time to build community and connections across the school.  


Wednesday Academy

Wednesday Academy happens one hour a week while teachers are gathering for their professional development time. Volunteers and after-school staff lead students in a variety of activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and social-emotional development. This can take shape in many ways. Students have learned how to make their own origami, had discussions about positive social influence in their school and the community, and are currently writing and producing their own workout videos! Every volunteer brings something new to the program and it's always changing, which makes it both educational and fun! 


Interested in helping out? Volunteers can commit for just one Wednesday slot or teach a grade all the way up to the rest of the school year! They are also not limited to only working with one grade if their idea can stretch to other age groups. We are blessed to be able to have this time dedicated to these often pushed aside learning goals and activities. To CWSCS, they're just as important as learning math or science and are essential parts of a holistic Christian education. 



Every Wednesday morning, our school gathers for a time of worship and praise. Students often participate in skits and dramatizations complete with costumes! It's a wonderful time for students, staff, and parents to pray, praise, and learn about God together. All are welcome to join us! 


CWSCS Athletics 

5th/6th grade boys & girls basketball teams
7th/8th grade boys & girls basketball teams
Running Club - through Chicago Run  (grades PK-4th)


Students in 4th-8th grade are able to participate in the CWSCS choir. The choir has sung the national anthem at Chicago Spark games, along with traveled to other schools and events to showcase their talents!

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