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Chicago West Side Christian School


 To engage students in dynamic, Christian education that nurtures and challenges students to develop intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, creatively and socially, so they are equipped to lead and serve as Christians in the world.


Our vision is for CWSCS students to love God and others and be well-prepared to lead and serve in their community and world.


  • Christ-centered perspective:  All children are deeply loved by God and capable of experiencing growth and success as they participate in a quality education shaped by a  Biblical worldview.

  • Well-rounded education: CWSCS develops the whole child through a wide range of experiences including faith formation, the arts, languages, recreation, community service, field trips and travel.

  • Social Justice:  The school values and promotes diversity, reconciliation, inclusion and equity in its policies, curriculum and school culture.

  • Community and Partnerships:  CWSCS fosters strong relationships among students, staff, parents, the community, organizations and donors.

  • Accessibility: Families of all income levels participate at CWSCS because of low-cost tuition and robust scholarship support.

Three smiling African-American Christian students in Chicago
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The Bible is God's Word and helps us to understand God and His great love. It guides us in our relationships with each other and in our calling as we follow God.

Grace permeates CWSCS. Students learn from mistakes, are encouraged to offer and receive forgiveness and are given opportunities to try again. 

Students are uniquely made by God and are worthy of great respect as His children. Teachers shape their instruction based on students' interests, gifts and learning styles, so all children's academic, spiritual and social needs are met.

Curriculum is designed to encourage students to develop a life-long love of learning. Students learn to recognize and appreciate God's hand in all they study.

Community is highly valued. Students, staff and parents work together to create an environment where people experience a sense of belonging and purpose as they work together.

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  • Rooted in faith

  • Academically prepared and eager to lead and serve in community and beyond

  • Curious about the world and confident to explore it

  • Able to successfully address challenges and adversity

  • Passionate and hopeful about purpose, calling and future

  • Advocate for others with a strong sense of empathy, compassion and justice

  • Values diversity and works towards reconciliation, inclusion and equity

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