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Chicago Run is Keeping Us Moving!
by Anna Schultz, CWSCS First Grade Teacher

Chicago Run has been an amazing CWSCS partner or the past 12 years. Its mission is  “to promote the health and wellness of Chicago children through innovative, engaging, and sustainable youth running programs.” Students in grades Pre-K-5th grade participate in running activities during gym class, recess, or in the classroom. Students and their families also have the opportunity to participate in a 1-mile “Fun Walk/Run” twice a year. 

As the Chicago Run coordinator at our school, I have seen first hand the positive impact of the program on my students. In my classroom, students have participated in running activities in between classes, and I have been delighted to see growth in their behavior as well as an increase in their engagement. Being active in the classroom improves their attention and concentration during class. 

With all of the changes this year due to Covid-19, Chicago Run has truly been a blessing! When we started the year in a remote setting, students were able to complete Chicago Run videos and activities in between classes on Zoom, and the program helped to get them up and moving. In February, for Heart Health Month, my students learned about the benefits of physical activity and how exercise helps your heart. We participated in  an hour of physical activity through the GoNoodle website where we completed videos with NFL football players, cheerleaders, and mascots. My students have also received incentives to encourage a healthy lifestyle and to support academics. So far this year, each of my 1st graders has  run about 40 miles during all of our classroom activities and workouts!  They have earned Chicago Run notebooks, marathon medals, and water bottles.   I am thankful for Chicago Run, and look forward to our continued partnership with them!

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Press Release:  CWSCS Partners with Saint Anthony Hospital to Vaccinate Teachers and Staff 


CHICAGO, March 5, 2021  – Chicago West Side Christian School (CWSCS) recently partnered with Saint Anthony Hospital to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for its entire school staff, with nearly all of the teachers and administrators receiving their second dose of the vaccination by the beginning of March.    With much of the negative news surrounding the rollout and distribution of the COVID vaccine, it’s something for CWSCS students, parents, and community members to celebrate.   Continue to read. . . 


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Did you know that the state of Ilinois has a new program that allows you to redirect tax dollars to provide scholarships for low income students?  Learn more today!


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Invest in Kids Act

Did you know that the state of Ilinois has a new program that allows you to redirect tax dollars to provide scholarships for low income students?    Learn more today!