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Chicago West Side Christian School promotes a rigorous academic atmosphere where students engage in exploration, research, hands-on activities, creative thinking, problem solving and sharing of knowledge with others. 


 Students engage in a rich literacy program to build skills and a love for learning.  The school's literacy coach/interventionist provides support to both students and staff to ensure students meet their literacy goals and develop as life-long readers.


Students develop writing skills to communicate effectively and to express creativity.  The school uses a variety of tools to build strong writing in students.


The school has collaboratively developed math units with our math coach, utilizing standards-based resources and strategies that integrate Bloom's Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge as well as the CPA progression (concrete - pictorial - abstract).  Students learn about math with real world application .


Students experience science both inside and outside the classroom. They participate in science-based field trips including working in a community garden and are taught to use science to help understand God's amazing world.  They participate in science-based field trips including working in our community garden.  Science deepens their appreciation for God's amazing world and creation, but also engages them in caring for the Earth, their communities, and themselves.


All students participate in art class. CWSCS believes that the fine arts are necessary for students to have a holistic education. Students learn techniques and critical thinking skills as they engage with various media and think about big ideas. They are encouraged to think creatively and problem solve!

Physical Education

All students participate in physical education and are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles by participating in fitness activities and eating well. Physical Education teaches children about their unique chemistry and how to practice sportsmanship and show teamwork.


As part of the fine arts, music plays an integral role in a holistic education. Students learn songs, music theory, and even get opportunities to create their own music and sing in the CWSCS choir.


What is Makerspace? A Makerspace is a room that has all sorts of tools to aide in students' creativity and problem-solving skills. At CWSCS, our students get to engage with STEM-focused creation time that gives them the freedom to explore their interests, work as a team, and use their imagination to solve everyday problems. Through weekly Makerspace time, students are learning practical engineering skills, social-emotional engagement, and all while letting their creativity take the lead. 


The school focuses on faith formation in students through an engaging Bible curriculum where students learn to love God, love His story, and want to be a part of it.  Students gain a greater understanding of who God is and His purpose for their lives. They learn about important figures and how to apply Biblical teaching to their lives.

Social Studies

Learning about the world beyond the walls of our school is important in the pursuit of equipping children to be leaders in their later life. Skills and knowledge gained from social studies give them understanding about their world and empowers them to become active in their own communities.

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