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Summer Reading Assignments

In preparation for the upcoming school year, each student needs to spend time over the summer weeks completing the assigned reading and projects for the grade they are entering this Fall.  All work outlined in the grade level document is due on the first day of school.  

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Access to books over the summer is easy with Libby!


What is Libby?  

Libby is a free app where you can borrow ebooks and digital audiobooks from your public library. You can stream books with Wi-Fi or mobile data, or download them for offline use and read anytime, anywhere.  You can also use the website on a computer! All you need to get started is a library card.

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Don't forget about IXL and Accelerated Reader (AR)


Continue building those Math and Literacy skills by practicing on IXL and AR.  Click the pictures to be directed to the website.

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IXL Summer Resources

IXL is an easy and effective resource that is still available to your students over the summer to keep learning going.  Setting a goal of just 20-30 minutes of skill practice each day can make a HUGE difference in your child's skill retention and skill development. 

‌Encourage your student to work on any unfinished skills from their grade level this past year....there are so many to choose from!

Here will also find some fun IXL practice coupons you can create for your student as incentives for their summer practice, as well as a summer calendar they can print and use to track and post goals, how much time they worked, or skills they completed. 

IXL's 2022 Study in the Sun Contest

IXL is having their annual Study in the Sun contest to encourage learning all summer long! The contest runs from June 13 to August 7. Winners will be announced on the IXL Facebook page and the IXL Blog on Monday, August 15.

Read how the contest works and get answers to frequently asked questions at the following link:

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